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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

We make it super easy getting started. Once you select a package, you put in your info in the boxes and we automagically create your site.

From there you can add images, choose your colors and further customize the fonts ect. Or just leave it in one of our professionally looking pre-designed looks.

That’s it! Hosting and unlimited updates are included for free with all packages!!

For further hand holding and customization we offer that service too.


Why a web site is important

Why have a web site? It’s not about vanity.

A web site is an important tool to help market the business of “you.” Each time a casting director or producer sees your site, it provides further insight on your talents, experiences, and career while showcasing your news, bio, pictures, and reel.

How will people find my site? Incorporate it into your marketing plan.

Casting directors and producers will find your web site link on the bottom of every email you send and through links on casting web site profiles. In addition, every head shot, resume, and business card, you distribute, will have your website link.

Why have a web site with ActorGear? ActorGear allows you to focus on being an actor, not a web programmer.

Do you really want to spend hours tinkering with your site on Dreamweaver, resizing your photos, or going back and forth with a webmaster, and then finding a hosting company? When you have a website with ActorGear, everything is taken care of.

With ActorGear, computer software or a webmaster is not needed to make updates. Instead, everything is available online from any computer to make updates to your resume, news, picture, bio, contact information, and to add pictures.



What pages come standard?


People want to work with people that are already working. Make announcements of your plays, films, and television appearances.


Give casting directors and producers immediate access to your latest head shots and photos. With our unlimited free update system, you’ll be able to keep these photos updated at all times.


The contact page allows you to keep your email identity anonymous, which is important in helping you filter out unwanted people from contacting you as well as preventing spam. In addition, this page allows you to display your agency information. If your email or agency information ever changes, you can make updates to it at any time free of charge.


The bio page allows you to add your bio and a bio photo. The page also features an auto size that allows you to choose how large the bio picture will appear.


Input your resume on the resume page. The resume page also features a “printable version” button that opens up a new window for easy printing. Another unique feature is a direct link to a printable photo that allows you to choose your best head shot out of your gallery.

Blog (new)

Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your thoughts and career.

What are the available add-on features?thunbs

Extra Media Items

One is included in the “free” package, but if you see yourself needing more you will need a larger package for multiple clips and reels.

Extra Photos

Sometimes 5 photos aren’t enough. That’s why we offer the capability to add an┬ámore.

Custom pages

A custom page allows you to do almost anything you want. You can also name the links of the custom pages to your liking.


Keeping your site up-to-date

How easy is it to make updates? Super easy.

One of the most important features that can’t be overlooked is how to easy it is to make updates with ActorGear. Every ActorGear site is built to be easily updated with our easy-to-use update system, no software or webmaster needed.

The process is easy. To make updates to your news, bio, resume, or contact information, you will simply log into your site, using your user name and password. Once logged in, your site will look like it normally looks with the exception of 2 things: you will notice a help bar at the top of the screen, and a text box towards the bottom of the screen. You will navigate to the area you want to update(i.e. news, resume, bio, contact), type your updates in the text box, and press update. Changes are made instantly!

How easy is it to add new pictures? Super easy, if you have used email you can easily add pics.

To make updates or add pictures is simple. Log into your site and navigate to your gallery. To add a new picture, choose a gallery, and then click the browse button on your website. Find the picture on your computer and click add.(similar to adding an email attachment) Once you press add, you can sit back and relax. ActorGear will upload your picture to the internet, automatically resize your photo for the web, and create a thumbnail of your image.

Say you want to change the order of your photos, well that is very easy as well. When you are logged into your website, you can go to your gallery, drag the photos on your website into a different order and push update. With ActorGear, It really is that simple.


What makes ActorGear Better

Easy-To-Use Professional Design

The last thing you want is to irritate or frustrate your audience. ActorGear websites have a clean, professional look, with an easy to use interface that allows your audience to find information about you quickly.


Everything works, and is tested in multiple web browsers on both Apple Computers and Windows Computers. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, OSX, Window XP, Windows 2000, we test it all.

Keep the Focus on You

There are no ads to distract your audience, the focus remains on you. We encourage you to compare us to anybody else, odds are nobody comes close to matching the value and professionalism ActorGear provides.

Advanced Features with the Latest Technology

Identity tracking contact forms, Online Color Choosers, Drag and Drop Photo Ordering, Drag and Drop Media Ordering, and Image Light Boxes are just some of the nice features that an ActorGear website provides and other people don’t.

Our websites look great and employ Web 2.0 technology to help you manage your site and help with the presentation.

Search Engine Friendly

If you think a flash only website can be seen by a search engine..think again. We have meticulously designed our websites to be easily accessible by search engines. ActorGear websites are carefully laid out to help the search engines review your website properly so that you can achieve higher search ranking results. Key words are automatically placed in the meta tags, as well as in other important areas of your site.

Help is Always Close

With some website solutions, help with real person is not available. With ActorGear help is always within reach.

Proven Results with Customer Loyalty

Since we started in 2003 we have had hundreds of people sign up and trust ActorGear with their website. Happily we have seen hundreds of people’s careers grow with ActorGear. Guess we are doing something right.



No hidden pricing games, no content updating fees, all pricing is outlined up front.

With ActorGear you know exactly what you are getting and you know exactly how much it is going to cost. As soon as you click the sign up button, all the pricing explained before you pay. Other company’s may charge money to update your resume, news, bio, or to add pictures. With ActorGear we have an easy to use online update system that allows you to perform unlimited updates to your content for free.

Our express package is 49 dollars for set up, and 16.99 a month for hosting and use of the online update system. Our custom packages are 99 dollars for set up and 1 hour of design time, and start at $24 a month for hosting and use of the online update system. All additional add-ons are clearly priced in writing as you sign up.

With ActorGear, you always know exactly what you are getting. Click here to see all of the pricing options.


Easy to use

Do I need to be a computer expert to have a website?

ActorGear was designed to be updated by actors, not computer experts. If you are comfortable enough to send email, then you will be able to easily understand how to use ActorGear to make updates to your news, bio, resume, pictures, etc.

You won’t have to buy an ftp program, program in html, or purchase any web programming software. Since ActorGear is completely web based, all you need to do to make updates to your website is a standard web browser. You will be able to make changes from any computer that connects to the internet without any software to download.


Support and Help

Intuitive System, but we will be there to hold your hand.

Part of the power our system is how intuitive it is to use. However, in the event that there is something you can’t figure out, you can always contact our support and we will usually get back to you in 24 hours (most times sooner) Read our testimonials to see how helpful we are!