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Our easy process of setting up an actor website

We make it creating a website simple.

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1. Create account

    • This entails entering in very basic information about you.
  • 2. Add content

    • Add pictures, bio, resume, contact info, media, news,
    • Add Social Links
  • 3. Add Style

    • Choose pictures, fonts, images, style
    • Tell everybody about your site
    • Upgrade to an even better site when you are ready



What makes ActorGear great: PPP.






  • We know how to work with customers because we listen. We are entrepreneurs and we are excited to meet other people with out same mindset and get them ready to launch.
  • Product

  • The sites we make look beautiful. In addition, all of our sites come with the ability to make updates to the look and feel as well as content online.  In addition, check out some of the other features we offer.
  • Performance

  • Special caching, cdn delivery of static content, these are just some of the tricks we employ to make our sites snappy. We do all this behind the scenes, so you to focus on your content, not coding.

  – Ease of Use: We have taken this platform and made a complete turnkey solution that is fast, flexible and easy to use, allowing you to change colors, text and much more all online without the need to install any software.

  – Performance and Speed: we like to tweak and find ways to make things fast. We harness the power of the amazon webservices platform and various other techy stuff that you don’t have to ever worry about


Steps you will take to get a site

1. Sign up for a free trial account (its free)

2. Play around with our site

2. We will call you and give you a walk through of how to make updates to your site.



Easy to use

Help is just a phone call away, and we don’t hide it.

Phone: 310.876.2181

Contact via email: click here



While you may call us…you may not. We have made it super easy for you to make up-dates to your site online without the use of software.

So while we are ready to help with real life people in America to talk to, you may never need it.