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Daniel Dugan

"ActorGear is so easy! My website was set up within hours, and I can update it instantly at any time from any computer. It's my absolute best marketing tool. Industry people have commented on how simple and easy to navigate it is.

I just booked the lead in a short film because I had my video clips on my website. The director came from Ireland to NYC to shoot and I was out of town during auditions. He saw my reel and said I was the one, so he waited for me to get back to shoot. My ActorGear website didn't do all the work…but it sure helped me get seen."

David Scotti

"ActorGear is absolutely essential for an actor in this competitive industry, especially for a computer-challenged person like myself. They walk you through the set-up process, which is incredibly short, and the monthly cost is low when you consider that even a single film or TV gig generated from the ActorGear site will pay for years of service. Casting people don’t want to go to plays or showcases anymore, they want to press a button. And ActorGear provides the best button out there."

Regina Rockensies

"I love ActorGear because they made setting up my website simple. As I chose the layout of my site and added my headshot and videos, they guided me through the process by phone and answered all of my questions. It was easy and fun, which means a lot, especially since I do not consider myself a “computer person.” They are also very affordable and understand that most actors are on a budget! Having a great website as an actor is so important because casting directors want to quickly and easily access your materials and get a sense of you as a performer. My ActorGear website looks professional and is easy to navigate and I have booked many jobs from people simply viewing my reel or hearing my VO demo on the site."

Lindsey Marlin

"I’ve been with ActorGear for many years now and I’ve always appreciated how well it works and the design’s whole attention to detail. Ben allows me to create within his template, and is always there to help me with whatever I need. The site functions while I sleep, and I can easily add new credits and media whenever I need to. I am proud to use it as my calling card, and recommend ActorGear to all the website-less actors out there."

Leanna Pareja

Leanna Pareja

"Two words: User Friendly
I never thought it would be so easy to have a website so customizable yet simple for a “non-techy.” And whenever I didn’t understand something perfectly…Ben was right there to walk me through it. Thank you for making it child’s play to have a fantastic looking website and for making me feel like I am smarter on a computer than I really am!"

Christina Helena

"Actorgear has been so amazingly beneficial to me! I cannot imagine my career without it. It's quick, straight to the point, and provides all the information anyone in the industry needs from you. Never had a single problem with Actorgear! Besides I can't deny the quality and benefits of Actorgear especially when I got a straight booking from my website for an off Broadway show."

Alexandra Hynes

"ActorGear made building a professional website stress-free and simple, plus their customer service was absolutely incredible."

James Rana

"Being computer illiterate, I never thought I’d ever be able to own or even operate a website. Thank you Ben for holding my hand and guiding me through this process."

Hunter Fite

"As an actor, your marketing is everything. I always desired to be in control and in charge of my own website but never had the skill nor the courage to create one myself. I thought of hiring someone but pricing on a website can be extremely expensive and keeping it up to date can become difficult when someone else is managing it for you. Thanks to Actor Gear, I was able to solve this whole issue. It allowed me to EASILY build my own personalized site and keep it current. In fact it is so user friendly that I actually enjoyed the process and have recommended it to all of my friends. It’s the whole package, I promise! + Ben, the genius behind it all, gets back to you right away in the event you encounter any issues. Thank you Actor Gear!"

Brian Ish

"I’ve had my actor website with ActorGear going back to 2008 and have received compliments throughout from casting directors, directors and fellow actors on the ease, look and feel of the site. I’ve booked a number of jobs without having to audition because the Cd’s and directors got enough from the site to get a sense for who I am as an actor and to feel comfortable hiring me. The best part about ActorGear for me personally is the ability to update the site as I please, when needed, and I am most certainly not very technologically proficient. And if I ever do get stuck, Ben has always been there to sort it out for me."


Victoria Guthrie

"Here’s a fun story.

I submitted myself for a webisode “Who The Hell Is Dan Bruder” and the writer took it upon himself to look at my reel on my website and asked me to read for another role with a European accent. The role was European and much more fun than the role I submitted myself for. I never thought of myself as a Spanish, Italian or Israeli but because of that clip on my website, I booked that role.

Since then, I’ve auditioned and booked other European type roles and have expanded how I perceive my type."